Alright, just because we don't drink alcohol, doesn't mean we don't love a fancy, pretty drink every now and then--ever since I was in high school, I've been trying out fun mocktail recipes, and let me tell you, they are such a huge success at parties and get-togethers. 

So here's a delicious menu for your next fancy soiree (or maybe the next time you want to do something simple and special for you and your husband after a hot day out in the sun!)

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*Serve all drinks "On the Rocks" (with ice)
Shirley Temple Mocktail Recipe
Shirley Temple
Rim Cup  (Dip the mouth of the glass in pineapple juice and then in sugar)
Add a cap full of grenadine
Fill glass w/ Ginger-ale or lemon-lime soda
Add one or two Maraschino cherries
Garnish with slice of lemon or orange
Roy Rogers Mocktail Recipe #virgin
Roy Rogers
Rim cup with sugar
Add a cap full of grenadine
Pour Cola
Add Maraschino cherry
Garnish with slice of lemon or wedge of pineapple
Virgin Mint Mojito #mocktail
Mint Mojito
Rim glass with sugar
Lemon-lime soda
Cap full of sweetened lime juice
Sprig of fresh mint
Garnish with slice of lime
Cuddling on the Beach Mocktail Recipe #sexonthebeach #virgin
Cuddling on the Beach
*Serve with an umbrella
1 oz peach nectar 
3 oz lemon-lime soda 
3 oz orange juice
Shot of cranberry juice
Garnish with orange, strawberry or kiwi slice
Baby Bellini #mocktail #virgin #recipe
Fuzzy Belly Button/Baby Bellini
No ice
¾ cup Sparkling cider
¼ cup of peach nectar
Garnish with a fresh strawberry, peach slice, or raspberry

Do you have a favorite Mocktail recipe! Do share :)

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Fave Summer Finds

I've had a few emails come in on how to beat the heat in these blazing summer months...this is a question that i cannot rightfully answer, for this heat is most definitely beating me! But in an effort to not go down in total humiliation against the enemy, I've gathered together some of my summer essentials, for when I do get brave enough to put some clothes on and venture into the sun! Hope you enjoy--you can click directly on the image and it will take you to the site to find out more about it or to buy! Thanks for reading! And please, share any summer tips :)

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where i talk about baby animals and i can't stop.

Last weekend we got done with dinner quite early and since it wasn't over 100 degrees outside, we decided to take a quick stroll around the Mesa Temple to enjoy the gardens and watch the sunset. While the weather was not particularly enjoyable, it was bearable, and bearable is something we strive for here in Arizona during the summer months (unfortunately). Right was we turned the corner to one of my favorite little spots on the temple grounds, we saw one, then two, then three cottontail rabbits. They were so tiny and hoppy i thought i had entered a fairy tale! Their little tails truly looked like you glued on a little cotton swab to their behind! I was enamored--this shouldn't surprise you, coming from a girl who has spent far too many afternoons watching "Too Cute" on Netflix--but seriously, that show IS TOO CUTE! 

Baby humans are cute and all, but baby animals!? Don't get me started...
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