Summer Dresses With Sleeves.

Favorite Summer Dresses with Sleeves
Hell has parked it's car in our front lawn here in Arizona and has no intention of leaving anytime soon, no matter how unwelcome we make him feel...so I'm searching the interwebs for clothing to keep me cool for the next 4 months...use the arrow to see all my favorite the looks.

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Summer Midi Skirts.

Favorite Midi Skirts for Summer
And since skirts are more nursing friendly, here are some of my favorite midi-skirt options--be sure and use the arrow to see them all. You can click on the image and it will take you to the site.

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Longer Length Shorts.

Favorite Longer Length Shorts + Culottes
And for those of you who prefer not to expose your butt cheeks this summer--some longer length shorts. What are you thoughts of the culotte revival? Part of me is really excited and part of me is really terrified. Are you gonna give it a try?

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